Making Your Japanese Name (KANJI + KATAKANA)

Making Your Japanese Name (KANJI + KATAKANA)


■ What You Get

1) Japanese spelling of your name | KAKANATA
Japanese use KATAKANA for a foreign national name or a word of foreign origin. Isseki, a Japanese creator, will use Google translate to listen to your real name's pronunciation in your language, and show you how to write it based on how it sounds. As the pronunciation may differ from language to language even though the spelling is exactly the same, the creator will ask your native language and check the sound via Google translate.

2) Your Japanese nickname | HIRAGANA, RŌMAJI, and KANJI
The creator makes a Japanese nickname for you. It will be coming with HIRAGANA, RŌMAJI, and KANJI. The creator will pay attention to the following points:
・Does the name sound good?
・Does its Kanji possess a positive meaning?
・Does the total number of Kanji's strokes consider good? 

■ Tips

Japanese language use three different systems of writing, HIRAGANA, KATAKANA, and KANJI. In addition, we use RŌMAJI to help foreign people to read Japanese.

■ How to order

  1. Payment: Some credit cards may not be accepted depending on the country of issuance (Shopify Payments requirements).  In that case, please use other payment services such as PayPal.

  2. Enter the information: You will receive an e-mail from, and please make a note of the four digits of the order code.  Open a registration form and enter the order code and your information needed to create your "Japanese Name".

  3. Get your Japanese nickname: The creator will send your Japanese name with the E-mail within a week or so.

  4. Isseki's Youtube Channel introduces how to write HIRAGANA and KATAKANA, and will introduce how to write each KANJI. Let's write your Japanese nickname on your own.  

■ Attention

    Even though the English spelling is the same, the spelling in Japanese may differ depending on the pronunciation it sounds in its original language. In addition, some pronunciation may not exist in Japanese. In such a case, we choose the closest Japanese sound and apply Japanese spelling accordingly. If you would like to use your Japanese name or Japanese spelling we created for official purposes, such as for a public document, we strongly recommend you check if it is officially acceptable or not beforehand.